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The University of Science and Technology of China Smart Medical Management Research Center was established


On the morning of January 15, the inauguration ceremony of the Center for Intelligent Medical Management of the University of Science and Technology of China (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was held at the Management Research Building of the University of Science and Technology of China. Off-campus guests attending the conference included Professor Ying Zhiliang, Professor of Statistics at Columbia University, Prof. Qi Sodi, Director of the Drug Evaluation Center of Peking University Medical School, Professor Chen Wansheng from the Second Military Medical University, Tao Xiaodong, President of Xunfei Medical, and Member of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the School of Management. Professor Christopher S. Tang (Deng Zhaosheng), Professor WEI Kwok Kee (Professor Wei Guoji), Professor Chung-Piaw Teo (Zhang Junbiao); the guests of the school include Professor Chen Xiaojian, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of China University of Science and Technology, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Department of Life Science and Medicine, and the First Affiliated Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the First Affiliated Hospital) Party Secretary and Vice President Liu Tongzhu, Executive Dean of the School of Management Professor Yu Yugang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Management, Liu Tianzhuo, Executive Secretary of the Life Science and Medicine Party, Wei Haiming, Vice President of the First Affiliated Hospital Yan Guang, attached Member of the Party Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital and Chairman of the Labor Union Chu Xiaohong. The conference was hosted by Hu Taizhong, vice president of the China University of Science and Technology Management School.

The center is an important measure for the deep integration of the school after the establishment of the “Tumor Immunization Research and Treatment Center” and the “Smart Medical Big Data Research Center”. It aims to establish an important platform for long-term stable cooperation between hospitals and schools, and is expected to greatly enhance the hospital’s The scientific research ability will enable the University of Science and Technology to achieve first-class domestic scientific research in the field of smart medical care in the next few years.

Chen Xiaojian said that the application of science and technology such as artificial intelligence and data science in the 21st century will once again lead human civilization to a new historical height. Both the School of Management and the First Affiliated Hospital have an insight into this and actively put the work to the establishment of a joint research center. The center has two typical characteristics of interdisciplinary and unit cooperation, and he places great expectations on the future development of the center.

Liu Tongzhu reviewed the development history of the hospital's smart medical care, emphasizing that as the country's first smart hospital, it is eager to improve the hospital's management and operation mode, improve the public's medical services and improve the hospital's scientific research. At present, the core problem of the hospital is human resource management. It is expected that the establishment of the center will empower the new medicine, continue to promote the development of related disciplines, personnel training, scientific research capabilities, etc., and timely adjust the various management of the hospital to the best operating state. .

Wei Haiming said that the establishment of the Management Research Center is another journey of Keda New Medicine. It has both macro and micro meanings. It provides support for high-level talent reserves and medical development and innovation on a macro level. Microscopically, it can effectively carry out bioinformatics big data analysis and research. .

At the meeting, Yu Yugang introduced the establishment and functions of the center. The Center conducts research on smart medical research based on medical big data. It has an advisory committee composed of experts and scholars from home and abroad. It is administered by academic tutors and industry tutors. The research involves medical, pharmacy, nursing, medical technology, health management, etc. Committed to promoting the application of new technologies in medical systems and improving the intelligent management of hospitals. In addition, it is proposed to carry out senior talent training/training programs such as Master of Medical Project Management (MPM), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Advanced Manager Development Program (EDP), and strengthen talent training and human resources reserve.

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